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Times City Hanoi - Vinhomes

Khu vực: Hoàn Kiếm      (Cập nhật: 12/16/2014 12:59:05 PM)

Times City Hanoi built based on the idea about a modern urban with eco-friendly architecture style of Singapore island country, Times City is a luxury and high-class combination in Hanoi where your friends and family can enjoy a comfortable and perfect life.

With a total land area of up to 360.500m2 project , The urban complexes Times City Hanoi divided into several functional areas including : luxury condos system, high -class commercial center , giant park and entertainment, restaurants system, the biggest aquarium in Hanoi, unique indoor skating rink, general hospital, schools, international standard kindergartens, string of green parks and lakes across 100.000m2, modern nourishing garden..., Times City became an important factor, wake up potential and contribute to change the face of south area of the capital and bring your family a young, modern and perfect living space.

Especially, Times City Hanoi investment is developed health systems , high quality education for the purpose of complete , self-contained system of utility projects , giving residents a real living space perfection . Accordingly, inter Vinschool school system from preschool level to the end of secondary school, activities with educational philosophy for holistic development of students from the first year of life, refined, skillful combination the essence of education in the country, offers an excellent education Vietnamese, where they are equipped with the necessary qualities to become " global citizens " but still maintain identity Vietnam and soul.

In addition, the International Hospital Vinmec - world-class hospitals located in Times City urban area with more than 600 clinics and inpatient boarding closed, invested with full facilities, highest class equipment and modern perfect services bring to Times City residents a professional health care, the opportunity to secure the beneficiaries of health services high quality, world class.

With the combination of harmony and unique interference between European architectural styles and modern Asian characteristics, Times City promises to become an modern urban helping to change the face region south of the capital and bring your family living space youthful , modern and perfect .

Times City Hanoi is located in main southeast gateway of Hanoi, very near Vinh Tuy Bridge and connected to the city center by modern highway system, Times City has the most prime location in the region. The appearance of Times City with a series of modern works like a new vitality, create new look for homeland. Utilities Green park Green campus wide 100.000 m2 and a sky garden system on roofs of the buildings were designed and arranged in harmonious to bring residents of the green space, airy and peaceful.

The VinMec international hospital With 500 rooms, comfortable, luxurious and high technology, VinMec hospital promises to become a trust address for the people. International schools System of pre-schools and high schools reach the international standard at the Times City will ensure the optimal conditions for future generations of your family learning and development.

Sport club and recreation area At Times City, there is an outdoor stadium system with tennis court, badminton court, volleyball court... where you experience your passion with the full cheery sports. In addition, Times City also has an indoor skating rink, bowling; 3D-4D cinemas... where your family can relax at weekend.

Gym & Spa A large gym system will be equipped fully with modern machinery and equipment to bring residents the comfortable practice space .After hours of working, residents of Times City can release in fresh four seasons swimming pool or relax in order to "refresh" at the spa .Transport system From the Times City, residents can move into the city center by taxi with less than 10 minutes, through the western gateway to Ha Dong District, Cau Giay District by highway system; through Vinh Tuy bridge to the East Coast of the Red River City, or easily move into Giai Phong Street in minutes by bus, taxi, car, motorcycle ...

The Times City Hanoi:  Apartments and Residences for rent.

With a total land area of up to 360.500m2, Times City is designed to meet the housing needs of residents.

The Apartment buildings in the City Times Hanoi unique design, impressive style of modern architecture combined with Western layout, exquisite, meticulously arranged way of equipment and systems, internal interior creating the perfect living space, ideal.

With all available interior wall systems provided by the Investor, luxury, modern apartments in each Building in Times City, residents experience a comfortable life and safety. Each apartment at Times City Hanoi also used center hot water systems of the building, the system is equipped with visual bell at the door, ...

At each building includes a automatic barrier system definitely up to the basement, lobby and hallways are equipped with air conditioning and ventilation of the building, luxury in the world. In addition, the apartments at Times City Hanoi is also equipped with a cable TV system with many international channels, backup generator 100%, high-speed Internet connection and smooth communication system.

Times City Hanoi offer a thousand luxury apartments for rent and sales, It is well design to maximize the performance and utility of the advanced equipment system, perfect service system and bring your family an ideal living environment.

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