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Ciputra L1,L2 tower (Link Tower)

Khu vực: Hoàn Kiếm      (Cập nhật: 12/16/2014 2:30:50 PM)

Why should you choose your new home at L1-L2 Ciputra International Hanoi?

THE LINK  Tower includes L1 and L2 Twin Premium Apartment Towers: The Link is a celebration of all that is good in life. Offering an innovative integration of modern design concept with the luxuries of all the facilities within the biggest new urban development in Hanoi, The Link promises to bring a living environment that is unparalleled.

L1 and L2 Twin Premium Apartment Towers Location: The Link is located just minutes North-West of downtown Hanoi, with living convenient direct access to the third ring road. Close to the future Central Business District and Diplomatic Precinct of Hanoi. The Link ideally located within the proximity of the Red River, Historic West Lake, minutes from the Golf Course and Noi Bai International Airport. The Link - Premier luxury living in a Premier location

The Neighbourhood and The Facilities:  Located next to the future Ciputra Hanoi Commercial area which will consist of a combination of hotels, offices and shopping.  Only minutes away from is the future Ciputra Mall Hanoi, a premier shopping center that offers a myriad of choices of retail, entertainment and lifestyle destinations. Well within walking distances of the proposed international class golf course and sports club. Premier lifestyle awaits you at The Link.

Other facilities include United Nation International School (Operation since 2005), Kinderworld Kindergarten & Pre-school (Operational since 2007) future hospital, future restaurants and food centers, new infrastructures, playgrounds, green belt and much more. Everything you need for your quality lifestyle is at your doorstep… Leisure, hospitality, at the highest level of comfort, safety and security. Premier lifestyle awaits you at The L1, L2 Apartment Tower this is the place to be.

Life at L1, L2 Tower is all about quality and convenience. Designed meticulously by our project designers with the needs of the residents in mind, the facilities at The L1, L2 Apartment Tower define good quality living for the whole family. The children could enjoy children playground or children’s pools. The swimming pool, fitness center, tennis courts are the perfect solutions or distressing and rejuvenate one’s mind and body, or just relaxing and indulge in the facilities. The visually beautiful landscaping and gardens surrounding The Link will awaken your senses.

To complete your lie privilege, get ready to experience the epitome of comforts and play hosts to your discerning guests: Business center and function halls are also available for residents to use. Groceries and households needs are just a step away from your door.
Privacy is utmost importance at the The L1, L2 Apartment Tower. A team of responsible estate management personnel for out resident’s safety and privacy, 24 hours reception and security service some of the estate management services. There are also ample secure underground parking spaces. In addition, design considerations has been made for all the facilities contained in the towers to accent your premium apartment ideal for relaxing with family, entertaining friends or just enjoy living as its good nature.
The Environment: The The L1, L2 Apartment Tower surround by vast gardens, stunning landscaping, children playground, beautiful golf (proposed) views, even the lobby entrance and the lobby areas exude a sense of comfort and coziness. The sceneries around are captivating, vast green belts or the beautiful greeneries from the golf course next, or just looking closed by spectacular sight of the grand main gate of the complex.

The Apartment: Designed to meet the highest expectations of amenities and ambience, The Link delivers combinations of modern stylist structure facilities that define quality living.

The The L1, L2 Apartment Tower consists of is two complexes of 2 and 3 towers. The towers are 20 storeys high, each tower contains 118 unit, typical floor plan of 6 units per floor comprising of 3 bedroom (117m2) and 4 bedroom (156m2) apartments with the introduction of the Premium Apartment (272m2) facing the proposed golf course and lakes. The Premium Apartment are specially designed condominium with full height glass windows provide a stunning sense of space and spectacular views of either the pool, the golf club house and or the Ciputra Hanoi International City’s main gate areas. The design is clean, modern and timeless.

About The Ciputra Hanoi International city.

Prime Location: Ciputra Hanoi International City (CIPUTRA HANOI) is the first integrated new town development project in Hanoi.An ideal geographical location adjacent to the Red River and the historic West Lake of Hanoi make easy accessibility from the present Central Business District (CBD). CIPUTRA HANOI is an attractive location for business, residential and investment purposes. Located just minutes north-west of Hanoi between the 2nd and 3rd ring road: 20minutes from Noi Bai International Airport, 15 minutes from downtown Hanoi; 3 minutes from the proposed new CBD and right next to future Diplomatic Precinct.

Distinctive Integrated Township: CIPUTRA HANOI is a new world class (301) hectares integrated township, developed in accordance to with the Hanoi City Master Plan. It will consist of residential buildings, primary and secondary schools, gardens, a clubhouse and retail area, a luxury hotel and high-rise office buildings. The projects will harmonize and improve the environment as well as enhance the quality of life for the expected future population of 50,000 residents.

The integrated township has unique thematic attraction, innovative designs and lifestyle concepts that are appealing to home buyers. Modern home, a good road and public transportation system, convenience of various facilities, more living space and conducive living environment are increasingly gravitating the population toward integrated and professionally managed township.
CIPUTRA HANOI is developed by the Citra Westlake City Development Co, Ltd a joint venture between the Urban Development and Infrastructure Investment Cooperation (Vietnam) and the Ciputra Group is well known throughout the world as a leader in new urban city developments. With over 100 subsidiaries, the Ciputra Group has pioneered large scale real estate developments, creating modern green urban communities. Up to present, the Ciputra Group has developed 14 new urban areas in Indonesia which is ranging from 500ha to 6,000ha.

CIPUTRA HANOI was honored receiving the Golden Dragon Award titled “Best Large Scale Township Development” for 4 consecutive years 2008-2011voted by Vietnam Economic Times, as voted by Vietnam Economic Times and in November 010 received the Golden Cup for Vietnam for Vietnam Construction Quality 2010, from the Ministry of Construction. Most recently on September 9.2011, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung presented a certificate to the Ciputra Hanoi Badminton Club for outstanding achievements in national development.
Superb Facilities and Service: Being a resident of Ciputra Hanoi means to be treated to new modern community supplied by full range of residential facilities such as: swimming pool, tennis court, function room, fitness center, ample car parking, restaurants, mini-mart, shops, banks, hair & beauty salon, laundry, travel agency, post office and other public facilities. In addition to the above, residents enjoy the services that are unmatched by other developers. Our dedicated Estate Management team provides Resident Reception and Security services 24h/7day. Landscaping and Maintenance Services are also provided to assist our customer to concentrate to more important things.
Other facilities include schools (United Nation International School since 2004; Singapore International School since 2007; Hanoi Academy School since 2009 providing primary and secondary education. On November 2011, the KinderWorld Education Group opened a new kindergarten equipped with modern facilities at Unit 9-10 Low Rise Commercial Area CT17, for residents of Ciputra Hanoi and other surround neighborhoods.

Under construction is the Ciputra Hanoi Mall expected to be the largest commercial and recreation center in Hanoi. The Ciputra Hanoi Mall will be over 200,000 m2 of commercial space and when completed will have restaurant, cafeteria, department stores, super-market, entertainment and recreational areas.

A Great Place to Live!

Walking through the CIPUTRA HANOI Estate, residents and guests will feel they are in peaceful oasis among the hustle and bustle of Hanoi. With green trees and blossoming flowers, the living environment blends in perfect with nature. Incorporating well-designed infrastructure, green areas, beautiful natural landscaping, lakes, parks, artwork, fountain and sculpture to highlight its ideal natural location and make Ciputra Hanoi the ideal neighborhood and Living Environment for your family, a place you can proudly call HOME.

Căn hộ tại P2 Tower, Ciputra cho người nước ngoài thuê

Căn hộ tại P2 Tower, Ciputra cho người nước ngoài thuê
Cho thuê căn hộ cao cấp ba phòng ngủ ở P2 Tower, Ciputra. Căn hộ cao cấp được thiết kế với 3 phong ngủ, 2 phòng tắm, phòng khách và bếp ăn được trang bị đầy đủ với các đồ nội thất hiện đại và sang trọng. Tất cả các đồ nội thất có sẵn cho người thuê. Với diện tích khá rộng rãi làm cho bạn cảm thấy thoải mái trong một không gian sống vô cùng tiện nghi.
Giá: $1,700/tháng   Diện tích: 145 m²   Quận/ Huyện: N/a

Chính chủ cho thuê căn hộ ba phòng ngủ tại E5 Tower, Ciputra

Chính chủ cho thuê căn hộ ba phòng ngủ tại E5 Tower, Ciputra
Căn hộ cao cấp ba phòng ngủ tươi sáng với ban công lớn ở Ciputra, Tây Hồ. Đây là căn hộ được thiết kế theo phong cách hiện đại với 01 phòng khách kết hợp với bếp và khu vực ăn, 03 phòng ngủ với giường cỡ lớn, 02 phòng tắm. Căn hộ có diện tích sử dụng 120m2. Thiết kế các cửa sổ rất rộng và có ban công nên các phòng đề có nhiều ánh sáng tự nhiên. Tiện nghi đầy đủ với giường tủ, bàn ghế, sàn gỗ, sofa, tivi, tủ lạnh, máy giặt, điều hòa....
Giá: $1,150/tháng   Diện tích: 120 m²   Quận/ Huyện: N/a

Cho thuê căn hộ ba phòng ngủ hiện đại tại Tháp L1, Ciputra Tây Hồ

Cho thuê căn hộ ba phòng ngủ hiện đại tại Tháp L1, Ciputra Tây Hồ
Cho thuê căn hộ cao cấp 3 phòng ngủ tại Tháp L1, Ciputra Tây Hồ. Diện tích 154m2, 3 phòng ngủ, 2 phòng tắm, 1 bếp và 1 phòng khách rộng rãi. Các phòng đều có ánh sáng. Nội thất đã đầy đủ. Tiện gia đình và người nước ngoài thuê
Giá: $2,000/tháng   Diện tích: 154 m²   Quận/ Huyện: N/a

Căn hộ cao cấp cho thuê tại P1 Ciputra đầy đủ nội thất, giá cả hợp lý

Căn hộ cao cấp cho thuê tại P1 Ciputra đầy đủ nội thất, giá cả hợp lý
Cần cho thuê gấp căn hộ cao cấp tòa P1 Ciputra, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội. Diện tích 145 m2, thiết kế 3 phòng ngủ, 2 phòng tắm, 1 phòng khách, phòng bếp + phòng ăn. Căn hộ đủ đồ nội thất, nằm trong khu dân trí cao, không gian thoáng mát, thuận tiện giao thông.
Giá: $1,000/tháng   Diện tích: 145 m²   Quận/ Huyện: N/a

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